About Us

              Lowered Congress is a group that was founded by a man named Tesh Monkey almost a decade ago. He created the club to find what greatness the NYC streets have to offer and in turn promote it to the people. Tesh thrives on locating the best of the best right here in the boroughs and representing them to the fullest.
              “Lowered Congress is kind of like the US Congress, instead of trying to live low, the people of Congress do live low, just like the US Congress lives and breathes the nation’s government. The people that symbolize what Lowered Congress is must be accepted by the people, just like we elect our government officials.” Tesh also states that the Congressional system has been around for a long time and have been providing order since the late 1700’s.
             He’s focused on providing a congressional system on being low in New York City; go low, or go home•